Bedroom submissive has moved!

10 Jan submissive community

The bedroom submissive has moved…

Little Kaninchen has outgrown her rabbit hole here on wordpress and has found a new home to nurture her warren.


Come and visit Little Kaninchen at her new home.

The warren is an entire community created just for submissives.

The community encompasses a submissive social network type atmosphere along with a well established forum to help guide submissives along their journey.  This community is a submissive only community and there are NO Dominants allowed.  Dominants can find a home at her Dominant’s website,, which is designed for Dominants only.

One of the most important enhancements that has been added to her website is the addition of a live chat.  Little Kaninchen also has a lot of help in her new rabbit hole.  The entire community including the blog, forum and the chat is moderated by volunteer submissive moderators to ensure the strictest compliance with the community rules.

The cost you ask…  Free!

Go to today and become a member.


Consume Me is Live!!!!!

2 Sep

Please help me in sub-porting Paige. Please reblog or forward to all your friends…. Even vanilla friends will love these books!
Little Kaninchen

Paige Matthews

Consume Me is officially live on all sites including Kindle, Nook and Smashwords!


Purchase Links:

Kindle US:
Kindle UK:
Barnes and Noble:



Grab your copy today and then join me on Ashen White’s blog tomorrow and join us for the Consume Me blog tour 9/29-10/12!

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Sorry…but I had to ;)

31 Aug

Miley is a grown girl now.. We have to stop looking at her like that little girl….
This outfit… Kinda in forgivable no matter your age… I get she’s trying to imitate blurred lines models …
Not defending the outfit.. Just where the Idea came from. An idea looked good on paper but not in reality!
Yikes! Pic is priceless! Lol!
LK 🐇❤


authorteasereadings Making Naughty Nice!

Whole chicken $4.99
Tickets to the VMA’s $1800.00
Picture of Miley Cyrus’ ass compared to chicken….PRICELESS!

Miley's Ass

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Little Kaninchen’s new rabbit hole!

29 Aug

We know that the page link is bad, however the email should be sending to all of LK’s followers. (Little Kaninchen)

If you would like to stay in touch with LK please visit her at her new web address AND YOU MUST RE_FOLLOW HER!


Mr. Fox (PLEASE RE_FOLLOW) Little Kaninchen has moved…

29 Aug

Fellow readers and followers,

LKLate last night we changed bedroom submissive’s hosting provider and it’s URL, website address, to  The old address, will still function as before but will direct you to her new website.  During the transition away from wordpress we incurred an expected loss of statistics and unfortunately a total loss of all of her followers.  Many must know this already because many have re-followed LK since we made the change last night.


If you would like to stay in touch with LK please visit her at her new web and re-follow her!

For those of you that would like to help us rejoin your community I would ask you to please re-blog this post.


Mr. Fox